my name is Miriam. I’m the woman behind the words and the handstands.

I’m a millennial nomad, artlete, hand balancer, circus trainer, blogger, content creator, multinational and multilingual (English/German/French/Portuguese) and no less importantly lover of life, nature, humans, good food, bad puns and oh-so-much-more.

In less poetic terms, I used to study inguistic sciences with a major in English literature and culture in a small German university town before literally running away with the circus from an impending marriage and my final thesis in 2013. I have since worked as a circus trainer with social circus projects Spark! Circus in Thailand and Sirkhane in Turkey, become a freelance rock climbing instructor and professional fitness coach and squeezed in a year of full-time circus training at the Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona, Spain and AirCraft Circus in London, UK, where I lived on and off for a handful of years before escaping once more to travel the world.

Now, I am half-settled in France where I teach handstands, aerials and more at a local circus school while building this online platform full of stories, videos, pictures and (coming soon) handstand tutorials for everyone!

I invite you to come along on my journey, handstand with me around the world and explore not just vicariously.

Have something to say? Why not send me a letter, a pigeon, or simply an email!